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Punta Crena Wine Dinner

October 10th, 2018

The Ruffino family have been tending their vineyards in the tiny village of Varigotti, a “place for the eyes and for the soul,” in Liguria for over 500 years. Tommaso Ruffino, the current winemaker, is content working with local indigenous varieties such as Mataòssu, Cruvin, Rosesse, and Lumassina, changing little from year to year. All work is done by hand in their neatly terraced red clay vineyards that are a stone’s throw from the sea.

These are honest, delightful wines that deserve a place at every wine lover’s table. We can’t replicate the vista in the picture above, but we are sure you will find as much joy in these unpretentious wines as we have.

Featured Wines

Punta Crena Lumassina Frizzante
Punta Crena Pigato Vigneto Ca’ da Rena
Punta Crena Mataòssu Vigneto Reine Colline Savonesi
Punta Crena Rossese Vigneto Isasco
Punta Crena Cruvin Colline Savonesi

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